Blue Cross Blue Shield Dropping Nebraska


One of the most well-known health insurance carriers in Nebraska decided recently to discontinue offering individual plans on the private market, effective 2018.  Before you panic...this DOES NOT apply to those of you with Employer or Group plans through BCBS or those of you 65 and older with Medicare Supplement plans.  BCBS had already dropped their tax-subsidy plans available on the Marketplace for 2017, leaving only a basic Bronze and Catastrophic plan.  These are now the plans they are dropping for 2018.  So, where does that leave those of us not on a group plan?  That's a good question!

As of Monday, June 5th, Nebraska's remaining private insurer Medica stated in the article below (link provided) “Things are still changing daily,” said Geoff Bartsh, vice president for Medica’s individual and family business. “We’re still looking at changes and will continue to evaluate things. We are still planning to participate in the Nebraska market for 2018. We haven’t made any final decisions on that yet.”

At this point it looks like Medica will be Nebraska's only ACA approved health insurance carrier.  If they determine that they also will pull out of the state, we will be left with having to pay the government fine for not having ACA compliant insurance (even though we won't have a choice!) or choosing to purchase short term policies which don't cover pre-existing conditions and other government mandated "essential coverages".  AND we will still pay the fine.

That being said, none of this has been determined yet...I will continue to follow the changes locally in Nebraska and nationally as the Trump administration works to come up with a viable solution for the challenges that are being presented for the 2018 health insurance enrollment period.  Please check back regularly and call the office anytime with questions.

What can you do??  Contact your local Senator and/or Govenor Rickett's office with your concerns.

Here is the link to the article quoted above.

2018 Health Insurance Uncertainty


Frustration.  Confusion.  Expense.  These are words that we all associate with our health insurance these days.  It's next to impossible to keep up with the proposed changes in the health insurance market lately and as an agent, it's hard to advise my clients at this time also.  I'll be posting regularly with information regarding the changes as they relate to companies and policies in Nebraska and we'll roll with the punches together!  Here are a few links to articles regarding some of the happenings in the industry lately:

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